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Glass Beverage Bottles

Glass bottles have been used throughout much of human history; providing a safe, pristine, recyclable packaging that preserves a beverage without altering its flavor. This tried, tested, and true method of beverage packaging comes with a host of advantages and unique properties that make it fitting for premium quality beverages.

Natural Materials
The only packaging material labeled GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA, glass bottles are made from all natural ingredients found readily available within the United States. Glass bottle formulations typically involve heating a mixture of silicate sand, sodium carbonates, calcium and cullet at ultra-high temperatures to synthesize glass. The resulting liquid glass is ready to be molded and cooled into the characteristic shape of a glass bottle.  Once cooled glass becomes the perfect barrier between a beverage and its surroundings. Naturally inert, glass will not react with its contents, preserving a beverage’s flavor without the need of chemical coatings or varnishes.  Furthermore Iron oxides and other materials can be added in the initial glass mix to add color to the glass to protect the beverage from UV rays. 

100% Recyclable
Glass bottles are 100% recyclable. Glass is a monomaterial, allowing the bottles to be recycled endlessly without reducing the purity of the material. Adding more recycled glass pellets called cullet to the initial mix can allow the furnaces to operate at lower temperatures. This reduces energy costs along with the overall carbon footprint of glass on the environment. Once recycled, a glass bottle can return to supermarket shelves in as little as thirty days.

Marketing at a Premium
Glass’s biggest asset is its effect on the consumer. Naturally clear and pristine, glass bottles are often the best method for displaying a beverage’s natural beauty. Professional beverage connoisseurs, high end restaurants, and wealthy beverage enthusiasts have always relied on the naturally inert properties of glass to best showcase the flavors of their beverages. This tendency has caused the average consumer to associate glass bottles with beverages of higher quality and brands.  Even in instances where providing an opaque coloring is necessary for shielding a beverage from UV rays, glass has a certain weight and feel to it that has consumers associating glass with premium beverages.